Photography Instructor Opportunities

We’re currently hiring Photography Instructors for our Edmonton Location?and Calgary Location!

If you love photography, have great communication skills and a flexible schedule, we’d love to have you on our teaching team!


Photography Instructors with the CPLC are:

  • Shooting in full manual mode and have a Professional level portfolio to share,
  • Great Communicators: The ability to communicate complex ideas, to be able to drill down concepts into easy to understand language, is essential.
  • Flexible: Our students are all ages and come from a variety of backgrounds. Your willingness to adapt and change up your teaching plan to accommodate everyone is what makes our instructors great 🙂
  • Inspiring: Students love to hear about their Instructor’s journey into photography. Whether you’re a renowned wedding photographer or photo enthusiast, our students want to see your work in their classes and hear your “stories” 🙂

Training & Compensation:

We’ve taken care of designing and writing all of the regular classes we currently offer, along with accompanying manuals for students and a Power Point for Instructors. All of our instructors are encouraged to deliver the curriculum “their” way but it’s very important that they stick to that curriculum, as we want all of our students that take for example, “Using Your DSLR Camera” taught the same principles, so they’re all equally prepared going into our more advanced classes.

The CPLC is devoted to a teaching model based on students being active in class, and in assigned homework, as often as possible.? Students bring their cameras into class with them, and after listening to short explanations of a new topic, they immediately get out of their seats and apply the principles on their own camera in class.? This not only forces students to put the principles of photography into practice immediately, but also gives them direct one-to-one access to their instructor for feedback and clarification in the moment.This has proven to be the most successful model for learning a trade, including photography, and we embrace it fully at the CPLC.

Our courses are built off of the foundational core, which is learning to use your DSLR or mirrorless camera.? This course, called ?Using Your DSLR Camera?, provides students with a step-by-step tour through their camera, applying new principles in classes, and learning on their specific camera (not just a theoretical camera). Ideally all instructors at the CPLC will be trained to teach this class as it is the foundation that all of our other classes are built on and has the most teaching opportunities, 1-2 times per month.

All of our instructors are required to sit in on one session of the class they wish to teach, unpaid. After that, you’ll teach one session solo with an instructor present to provide you with feedback ($30/hr) and then once you’re teaching on your own, we’ll pay you $40/hr.

How To Apply:

Send us a link to your online portfolio and tell us why you think you’d be a great fit for the CPLC. Ideal candidates will be available to teach a minimum of one Saturday session and one evening session, each quarter.

In Edmonton, We’re currently open to hiring for:

Posing Workshops*

Night Photography*

Ambient Portrait Lighting

The Art & Design of Photography

Using Adobe Photoshop CC

In Calgary, we’re currently open to hiring for:

Ambient Portrait Lighting

Posing Workshop?*

Using Your DSLR Camera?*

Lanscape Photography* – we’d love to find someone that would like to run a workshop in Canmore 🙂

*These Workshops are paid differently than our regular curriculum. Since the instructor is required to often edit photos for models, write curriculum, etc. we’ll discuss compensation for these 🙂