Portrait Lighting Workshop

Whether Portrait Photography is why you began your path with your camera in hand or not, a photographer finds many occasions when they are photographing people (weddings, birthdays, babies, special occasions, portraits of loved ones, etc.).? Our portrait lighting class creates a great foundation with skills that can be used when photographing pets or objects and serves as a base to studio lighting, on or off-camera flash photography or available light scenarios.

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Knowing how to use light effectively is essential to portrait photography.? Getting a clean, crisp image is only the beginning of a beautiful portrait.? Using hair light to separate the subject from the background, creating gorgeous catch lights that give a person ?life? in the image, and creating a 3D effect so the person is not without dimension in your image is very important.? Minimizing wrinkles, slimming a person all while avoiding bad shadows will improve your portraits immensely.

Edmonton lighting class photography course

You?ll begin with learning major lighting styles and then through dozens of hands on exercises, experiment with using window light, available light and other sources to discover how these effect the look and feel of your poses.

Learn to create a soft, or luminous effect for beauty portraits or dramatic lighting to showcase the muscle on a body builder.? Add drama to your wedding photography or create gorgeous seamless light for photographing your children or newborns.

In this?class you will have a multitude of hands-on learning opportunities with your own lighting set up to solidify the principles taught in class.? Our classes are kept small so you will have ample time with an instructor one on one to master the lighting styles and feel confident moving on to “On Camera Flash” and “Ambient Lighting“.

Edmonton Portrait Lighting Class

What Students Have Said

“This course was awesome! The delivery of the content was well thought out and the hands on activities & lessons helped to solidify the concepts. Thanks for a great experience!” — Andrea Brown

“This course had a lot of hands on work and that was so helpful. I think it’s the best way to grasp lighting concepts.” — Amanda Diaz, Amanda Diaz Photography

“I really enjoyed the course because it was so hands on. I also appreciated that the class size was small. I was able to ask lots of questions & receive individual support & attention.” — Sarah MacDonnell

Edmonton Portrait Lighting Class

“The instructor was great! After taking the course (and during) I found myself studying magazines & photos to analyze the lighting style used, which is how I know learned something.” — Kari Souchuk

“I had so much fun, and learned so much! Any questions were answered with great knowledge and I never felt silly asking “silly” questions! A very comfortable environment for learning. The instructors were super nice guys! It would be easy to be intimidated by all the knowledge in the room, and I was surprised at how open minded everyone was.” — Sarah, Starseed Photography

Edmonton Portrait Lighting Class

Length & Format 12 hours total
Weekdays 4 nights of 3 hours each
Weekends, 2 days of 7 hours each
Maximum Number of Students 8
Prerequisites It is recommended that you’ve taken “Using Your DSLR or Mirrorless Camera” and are fairly experienced using a DSLR in manual mode. You may also wish to consider “Getting Proper Exposures
Bring With You Please see this page for complete details on what to bring, and what not to bring.

  • DSLR camera, or other camera with manual mode
  • Batteries and memory card
  • Camera manual if possible
  • Note taking supplies
  • Tripod


NOTE: This class requires a minimum number of students to attend before it can run. If we don’t meet this minimum 5 business days before the class is scheduled to start, we will cancel it. If you want to take this class, don’t wait until the last minute to register!


The King’s University College – Edmonton (info and map) 9125 50 St NW Edmonton, AB T6B 2H3  
There are no dates scheduled for this course, at this location, right now. If you wish to take this course please contact us and let us know so that we can tell you when we schedule it.


Heritage Christian Academy – Calgary (info and map) 2003 McKnight Blvd NE Calgary, AB T2E 6L2
There are no dates scheduled for this course, at this location, right now. If you wish to take this course please contact us and let us know so that we can tell you when we schedule it.


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