Night Photography Workshop

If you’ve ever been inspired by a night?exposure you’ve seen online and decided to venture out and?replicate it, chances are you came home frustrated, hungry and cold. If you’ve taken Using Your DSLR Camera or Getting Proper Exposures?and spent some time practicing, you will have a pretty good understanding of “how” these exposures are achieved but even still, it can be a pretty frustrating endeavour to try and make some of this “magic” happen.

If you’d like to take some of the first time frustration out of Night Photography, pack up your gear and join our instructor for this awesome Night Photography Workshop. You’ll have a lot of fun, take great photos and feel inspired (and prepared) to head out next time on your own.

edmonton-night-photography-classTaken by Jason Melnyk at our Edmonton 2018 Workshop

What’s Covered?

How long should I leave my shutter open? Why aren’t my photos in focus? Why are my exposures too bright/too dark? ?How can I add light to only one specific area?

We’ll answer all these questions and walk you through, step by step, how to take beautiful night exposures.

Exercises may include:

  • Sparklers
  • Silhouette captures
  • Light Painting
  • Light trails

There are a lot of outdoor factors with this workshop- weather, wind, cloud cover, etc so, we promise you an awesome time and you’ll leave with some great shots but as far as what we’ll specifically cover, we’ll leave up to the instructor so that he can choose exercises that suit the conditions on the day of the workshop.

edmonton-night-photography-light-trailTaken in Fall 2017 at our workshop in Calgary

This workshop will be similar to our Photo Walks in structure- we’ll send out information on timing and a meeting place a few days before the event. For this workshop, ALL registrants must have taken Using Your DSLR Camera and be feeling pretty comfortable in their ability to use histograms effectively, and set their exposures in manual to expose for blacks and whites effectively. If you’ve taken Getting Proper Exposures, even better 🙂

Length & Format 2 -3 hours
Maximum Number of Students 8
Prerequisites Using Your DSLR Camera
To Bring With You Please see this page for complete details on what to bring, and what not to bring.

  • DSLR, Mirrorless or Bridge (with full manual control) Camera
  • Batteries
  • Memory card
  • Tripod
  • A vehicle (in case we need to travel to an additional location)
  • As we are outdoors, be sure to dress for the weather.

NOTE: This class requires a minimum number of students to attend before it can run. If we don’t meet this minimum 5 business days before the class is scheduled to start, we will cancel it. If you want to take this class, don’t wait until the last minute to register!


October 4 at 7:30PM $199 closed


There are no dates scheduled for this course, at this location, right now. If you wish to take this course please contact us and let us know so that we can tell you when we schedule it.


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edmonton-night-photography-light-trailTaken in Fall 2017 at our workshop in Calgary