Gifts and Gift Certificates

Do you know why photography classes make great gifts? Because they keep on giving. Isn?t that just so?cheesy? But it?s true! Cameras become outdated, they break, and they get lost, but knowledge lasts.?Today?s amazing DSLR and ILC cameras actually have the same basic controls that all SLR film cameras had 60 years ago! Learning the principles of photography now, will improve someone?s photos for the rest of their life no matter which camera they?re using.

You can order classes or gift certificates 24 hours per day – So if you’re looking for a last minute gift, we’ve got you covered! ?When you order a Gift Certificate, you’ll have the option to have the code sent to the recipient via email, or sent to yourself if you’d like to give it to them in person.

Order a Gift Certificate for a specific class

The above are registration fees for seats available right now. The lowest indicated price may be a limited sale price. Not all courses or prices may be available in the future but we’ll do our best to accommodate students using Gift Certificates, and make sure they’re in a class they’ll LOVE. The recipient won’t be tied to any specific class, you’re just purchasing a gift certificate for the cost of the class but they can use that credit toward any class.

Gift Cards for a specific amount:

Here are some common denominations that might suit your budget – ?you can add more than one to your cart, if for example you’re looking for $75 you can create it 😉

$25 Gift Certificate

$50 Gift Certificate

$100 Gift Certificate

$250 Gift Certificate

$500 Gift Certificate

Gifting a class

If you’d like to gift someone with a class, you’re welcome to pop on to any of our course pages and register them in a session with dates that you think will work best for them. If once you give them the gift, you discover the dates don’t work – no problem. Contact us before the beginning of the session and we’re happy to move them into a session with dates that will suit their schedule.

Paper Gift Certificates

Some people still like old fashioned paper gift certificates and if you’re that person, no problem! Just send an email to your order number and the details of where you’d like us to send it and we can send you a paper certificate in the mail.