Why Choose Us

There are many routes open to studying photography in Calgary and Edmonton. Here is what sets us apart:

Our program as a whole was written by the same team of photographers with all of the courses designed and threaded into each other, to minimize overlap and redundancy. One of the most common complaints we hear from students coming from other schools was that in each class, the ‘landscape photography class’, ‘macro photography class’, and ‘wedding photography class’, for example, they had to ‘re-learn’ the same basics of photography (aperture, shutter speed, rule of thirds, etc.) at the beginning to ‘catch everyone up’. The majority of schools are formatted in such a way that instructors bring their own curriculum to the school, leading to this kind of redundancy. The CPLC is unified, planned, and organized to get you the biggest bang for your buck, leading to a smaller quantity of courses that are more densely packed and less repetitive, but giving you the same information you’d get in genre-specific courses at other schools.

Instructors are currently practicing photographers (not retired and out of touch with the modern markets, trends, and styles), including, of course, award-winning photographers. Just as importantly, however, our instructors are not just great photographers (remember the old adage that ‘great practitioners make for bad teachers’) but also hired specifically for being good teachers that actively engage their students, bring their own personalities to the set curriculum. They create fun and relaxed environments to keep students on their feet during the in-class exercises.

In addition, however, we can even count award-winning and internationally renowned photographers among our students, whose pictures we proudly post on our website.

We’re the only school whose diploma program emphasizes and directly builds towards a functional, hire-able portfolio that is current and relevant.

You can save massive amounts of money by taking our limited number of classes at our competitive prices, and learning skills that apply directly to all genres of photography, rather than get swamped into redundant and unorganized elective classes, or take a University-based degree at a far greater price and time commitment. Our students seeking to become professionals are encouraged to open their business and learn while studying, rather than study first and open their businesses after their degree