Our Instructors & Staff

This list is alphabetical by last name.

Reem Abdel-Jabbar


Reem is a professional photographer and co-founder of award winning Fashion, Portraiture and Fine Art photography duo MARTINA+REEM. She started out shooting film at a young age and incorporated DSLR?s in her repertoire in 2007. Reem graduated from the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts with a diploma in Photography and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Maryland. MARTINA+REEM have been in business for over 8 years and the duo have been published in numerous magazines worldwide and are represented by the Print Atelier Gallery in Montreal & Artsy NYC for Fine Art work, & by Mode Models Artist Division in Alberta for Fashion.
Art has always been a true passion of hers and she loves to teach! Prior to moving to Edmonton, She taught Photography & Lighting for over 6 years in both Toronto & Vancouver. She enjoys sharing her perspective on photographing people and storytelling through imagery. Her favourite colours are blue and purple and she also loves music and travelling.


Blake Chorley


Blake completed his undergraduate degree in Visual Arts at the University of Windsor. He then went on to Sheridan College, graduating with a diploma in Applied Photography. After taking some time away from school to work as a professional photographer, Blake decided to move to Calgary to complete his M.F.A., with a focus on the Wet Plate Collodion photography practice of the 1850?s. Blake now juggles teaching with his commercial and artistic practices.


Andrew Gilbert


Andrew Gilbert is a professional wedding photographer in Calgary.? Him and his wife together make up Photographik, and together they have been shooting professionally for 5 years.? He was lucky to always have an SLR camera in the house growing up and taking photos has been a passion for him as long as he can remember.? Andrew loves the combination of art and technology in photography and loves to see how the medium has evolved over time.? When he isn’t photographing weddings Andrew loves to capture people and places when he travels and is constantly on the look out for good coffee!


?Mike Hodson

Mike is a professional photographer, certified engineering technologist, teacher, husband and father of three. His love of photography started early and really took off when he got his first 35mm film SLR. After many years of shooting with film, he shifted to Digital SLR cameras and hit the ground running.
Mike often photographs people; weddings and portraits, families and kids, in a studio or outside, but his true passion is landscape photography. It wouldn?t be surprising to find him sitting outside with his camera and tripod waiting for the sun to rise or waiting for the last rays of sun to kiss the mountain peaks.


Kelsie Kelly


Kelsie is a professional newborn and family photographer in the Edmonton area and a mother of three. She has been an avid photographer for the past 15 years after studying film photography as a journalism student at SAIT. In 2015 she started Kelsie Kelly Photographer after years of photographing her own daughters and gaining a real passion for photography once learning how to shoot manual on her DSLR. Kelsie also has a background in marketing and communications and loves to share her business and photography expertise with fellow photographers. When she isn?t busy shooting or editing she enjoys spending time with her family exploring the river valley in the small community west of Edmonton she calls home. As a busy mom always on the go, she will never turn down a good cup of coffee!


George Mach

George is an avid explorer and traveller, who foolishly carries 4 camera bodies with him almost everywhere (1 digital, 3 film). He enjoys the experience of culture shock, of being lost in streets where the signs are not written in English, and where the food is often unidentifiable as to animal or part thereof. He has visited 27 countries and 93 cities in those countries since 2005, and has sampled enough beer to inebriate a herd of cattle. When not getting into photographic mischief in foreign lands, George can be found either working on his sketching skills, scrambling up mountains or snowboarding back down them.


Dave Moss

Dave Moss is a Wedding and Portrait photographer from Calgary, Alberta, where he is one of the few born and raised Calgarians left. He has been shooting weddings professionally for the past three years with his partner Abby Taylor as Abby + Dave Photography, but has been making pictures for as long as he can remember and hopes to be doing it until his hands can?t hold the camera any longer. When he isn?t shooting Dave loves to travel to as many places as he can, hunt for new and interesting craft beers, hike in the Rockies, jog and bike around town, ride his Vespa, play with his dog Bowen, and read photography books while drinking mint tea.


Adrian Shellard

Adrian Shellard is a photographer and photojournalist. He has photographed for a multitude of different publications including The Calgary Herald, National Post, and Telegraph-Journal. He says he fell in love with photography when his brother gave him an old camera and taught him what aperture and shutter speeds do to an image. He then went to England that year and came home with one photo he was proud of. After that he was hooked. He enjoys working in all genres of photography, with sports photography being his favourite.


Krister Temme

Krister has been a full-time professional photographer for over 5 years, as part of Picture That Photography. He is especially interested in lighting and loves watching movies from the 1920s to today for great lighting. He has been teaching photography for 4 years and has developed a number of courses for different schools. In addition to photography and teaching, Krister enjoys being a boring old man reading history, studying ancient languages, and especially ancient Mideast history, listening to Classical and Jazz, listening to science podcasts, and going to film festivals. You know, boring snobby stuff.


Susan Temme

Susan loves to travel, and has photographed weddings in beautiful locations across North America, the tropics, and Europe. She has been a full-time professional photographer for 10+ years with Picture That Photography and since having a baby of her own, has found a new passion for newborn photography, and will happily spend hours shooting adorable babies in her studio. If you ask her husband Krister, he’ll tell you that she got into it because she loves shopping for all the little props involved 😉 When she isn’t behind the camera, Susan’s always excited to sample new and interesting foods – ?If there is a food festival happening in Edmonton, that’s where you’ll find her.


Jonathan Tieh


Jonathan Tieh has a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design from the University of Alberta, but Photography has always been where his passion is. He is a currently a professional photographer in Edmonton, specializing in Weddings and Portraits. For him it’s truly an honour to be trusted with capturing one of life?s most treasured moments ? being invited to experience a wedding day unfold with his clients, and then given the opportunity to relive that experience once again with them through the unveiling of the images… this never grows old for him. Jon is also an avid painter and artist on the side, and enjoys exploring and escaping to the rocky mountains for a daily hike or ski adventure whenever he can. Exotic craft beer will also have a special place in his heart.


Eugene Uhuad


Eugene Uhuad has been a professional Photographer for over 10 years.? His love of Photography started when he was working on a cruise ship and traveling around the world.? He knew he had to learn more so he took the 2 year Photographic Technology program at NAIT in order to further his career.? When he graduated he specialized in Commercial and Editorial Photography.? Some of his clients were West Edmonton Mall, Blu’s Women Wear, AVENUE Magazine, Venture Publishing, Western Living Magazine and Vancouver Magazine.? Eugene also became very interested in the tv and film industry where he worked in the Grip and Lighting department.? Eugene‘s current hobbies include playing video games and the one place he really wants to visit is Japan.