Frequently Asked Questions

Why take photography courses on location?

Photography is a trade, and therefore it is best learned in the manner in which it is practiced?namely hands-on application of the principles. The CPLC offers concise and focused, detailed, and thorough theoretical principles of photography that are taught briefly in theoretical ?lecture snippits?, followed more importantly by hands-on application of the principles in class AND/OR through homework (where appropriate). Photography is a practice, and so we emphasize that the ?hands? learn as much as the ?head? does, by employing in-class and at-home exercises to consolidate the most important fundamentals of what makes good photography in ANY genre.

Why do you not offer any genre-specific courses?

The rules of photography are universal. That is, whatever genre of photography you?re shooting?nature, portrait, macro, landscape, night, wedding, etc.?the rules and conditions that produce good exposures, good lighting, and good composition are universal. We have found through our own education in photography that the traditional genre-based approach to education produces considerable and overwhelming redundancy that students are subjected too, having to ?re-hear? the rules of good lighting, composition, and metering, for example, repeated in every genre course they take. Our goal is to remove this redundancy to give our students the biggest bang for their buck.

And of course, innumerable genre-specific examples our brought up in all of our classes both in theoretical examples and in homework assignments.

Furthermore, we do host genre-specific workshops by award-winning photographers who are masters in their fields, including fashion and wedding workshops from internationally recognized, award-winning photographers. Sign up for our e-mail list to get the latest upcoming workshops offered in your area!

Does your school offer a diploma program?

Yes, we offer a diploma program that will also give you an organized and hire-able portfolio in the end! You will be guided to build a complete portfolio specifically designed to showcase the skill that will get you hired in the industry. Click here for more information on our photography diploma.

Are your classes eligible for tax write offs?

Yes, inasmuch as the CRA allows your business to write off relevant education paid for by your business to improve your employees (yourself). Photography can be applicable to many businesses as it is a marketing tool.